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About Minors

"Minors projects are the source of support, encouragement and inspiration for our teachers and poor students, especially female ethnic minority students in poverty-stricken highland communes in Muong Khuong District."

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc
Deputy Head Department of Education and Training
Muong Khuong District of Lao Cai Province
Education and health support by Minors in Laos and Viet Nam has now reached over 130,000 ethnic minority children at over 800 schools, in 30 provinces, as well as hundreds of orphans and elderly at several provincial centers, and over 700 patients from 32 provinces have received assistance at several Provincial and National Hospitals in the two countries.
Minors' current projects in Viet Nam focus primarily on addressing two major reasons children from the most remote villages drop or do not attend school:
It is a challenge to keep students in school when there is insufficient water for them to drink and use for bathing and cooking. Minors projects over the past three decades has focused on constructing and improving the water systems at hundreds of schools serving highland ethnic minority children who come from remote mountain villages to attend and board at commune schools.
Too Cold

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